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The Umana Corporation

Founded by Mr. Mahavira Mayakara in 1988, UmanaCorp is fulfilling both business and civil functions on Umana. We are the biggest organization on the archipelago, and our mission is to make sure that Umana remains the same ecological paradise it has always been, while bringing welfare and prosperity to its people.

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Board of Directors Press Conference Details

The Umana Corp Board of Directors Conference was held today in Penaya. At the conference the Board of Directors presented the new strategic challenges for the coming year. For full coverage and a detailed report of the press conference please visit

BoD announces press conference to be held after Mr. Mayakara's annual State of the Islands

The annual State of the Islands Address by Mr.Mayakara will be held soon. During his speech, Mr. Mayakara will reflect on the current state of the Umana Islands and its future.

As is tradition after each Annual State of the Islands address, the board of directors will hold a press conference. During this conference, the board will present Umana Corp’s activities and achievements from the past year. They will also present strategic challenges for next year and will answer your questions. Admission to the conference is by invitation to accredited media.

Umana Corp nominated for Ethical Corporation Award

Umana corp is proud to announce it has been nominated for this year’s Ethical Corporation Award in the “Best Partnership” category. The jury praises Umana Corp for its commitment to a long-term, mutually beneficial partnership that can demonstrate real social/environmental/governance gains for society.

Umana Corp donates 2 million dollars to the Bornibie Jungle Preservation Group

The board of directors announced today that Umana Corp will donate 2,000,000 dollars to the BJPG to ensure that the jungle of Bornibie remains untainted by the increasing influx of tourists. Even though the only legal way to visit the jungle is by making use of the various touring services or the Adventura survival camp, some tourists go out in the jungle on their own and leave their wastes behind.

BJPG will use the money to hire more security officers and improve the fencing and warning signals on the outskirts of the jungle.